The Who!!! – Who else?

Peole who know me, know that I am a Who nut. The ultimate boys band, there isn’t another band that can touch them.

They have a new web site on the verge of launch [Nov 5]. It’s amazing that Pete has finally convinced Roger to concede to the internet age, given that Roger has been so opposed to anything to do with the web for such a long time. Still we are allowed to change our minds aren’t we Rog.

I’m only adding this as a free add to those guys and their site, which isn’t too bad. I look forward to see what level of content they are adding – could be interesting.

Also they are the subject to a new documentary movie about them. As if The Kids Are Alright wasn’t enough of a look into the boys, Amazing Journey promises to be a real gem. All of the preview reviews are st gushing about how amazing the footage of the band is, and how wonderfully put together the whole package is. Compared to the somewhat inaccessible The Kids Are Alright [which honestly is so disjointed], this is a good thing. Just imaging at the tender age of early 60s and finding a whole new audience some 45 years after kick off?

The new site will be subscription based, but given the quality and amount of video and audio footage and everything in between on the old site, this is not a bad thing. So check it out and get your credit card out.

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